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The CS has been unveiled to you via e-mail bit by bit. I’m going to post all of those messages here.

The campaign setting is know as “The Land of Od.” As some of you already know, it is of my own invention. It has a strong influence from my own beliefs as well as from Berserk, M:TG, The Doors, and, hell, why not, The D. “Od” here is not pronounced like “odd.” It is a pagan word referring to magic, and it’s pronounced “ode.”

Od is a powerful being who desired to create something to observe. He created Earth and all its inhabitants. (This CS’s planet is identical in distance from the Sun at Earth, it has the same mass, and its moon is the same size, years are the same length, days are 24 hours. This is more for convenience than anything else. We’ll use months by actual names, but we can pretend that the characters are calling them by special names if you wish. I’m comfortable with this. I think it’s easiest. It’s not that important. We’re more about fightin’ roun’ the world.) He gave the inhabitants the power of free-will. The creatures all had their own preference. Some liked the fields. Some liked the caves. Others found the sea.

Early in his observations, he realized that some creatures preferred the flesh of another creature. Being a righteous being, Od was saddened by this. He however allowed it to be. After all, they were free to do as they wished.

As he continued to observe and observe, some creatures began the first large scale war. Od watched as many of his beloved creations were killing one another. He now felt he had to stop them. Od, however, lacked that ability. They refused to listen to him. He being such a righteous being lacks the ability to unmake. He only has the power to make. He wept tears of blood in his sadness. From the pool of blood, he created four beings.

These righteous beings traveled to Earth to bring together the righteous. Each serves a purpose to only Od. They can tap into his powers of good. The four blood vassals of Od can grant the ability to cast divine magic through Od. (Note that if you’re a cleric, I’ll have to see what spells you can take etc. I think most spells are ok. We’ll see.)

The first god to rise from the pool of blood, White, was a mass of muscle and diamonds. As he formed, he shone his light on the land of earth and screamed. His titles are The ever-burning candle. The Beacon. Fire in the sky. The Sun God. He preaches that those who live in the dark must embrace the light. Those who shun the light are those who hide from Od’s observing. Od wants to see us, let yourself be seen. In the darkness, there is madness, in the light, there is salvation.

The second god, Justice, formed from the iron in the blood, a red, metal colossus. He swore to Od that he would find those powerful enough to rid the Land of Od of its wrongdoers. Those who worship Justice kill those who are evil on sight. Worshipers of Od have many different flavors. Followers of Justice do too. Some feel that the youth are salvagable. In the very beginning, Orcs were the primary target. As the most powerful of the evil creatures, they over powered the others into doing their bidding. Justice’s first churches and kingdoms directly defeated the entire Orc Horde. After this, followers of White and of Justice gathered the Orc youth and showed to them Od. There are only two types of philosophies over all. Those who worship Od, and those who do not. No one can deny that he exists. Evil see him as weak and not worthy of their attention. The Righteous see themselves as his hand. Due to this showing of Od to the orc-kind, many orcs have become worshipers. (Orcs are not the iconic monster. Seeing an orc is like seeing another person. Do not attack them on sight. With the Orcs outof the picture, the Gobbos took over. You’ll learn more about this later.)

The third god, Fertility, rose from the blood. She is a beautiful woman with bloody red skin. She teaches that love is meant for only two. She comes bearing the knowledge of jealousy causing battles. Her goals are simple. Let the people know that fucking is ok, but that it is not wise to share partners. She wants people to only have sex to bear children. The act of sex was designed by Od to perpetuate life. He has provided enough for as many as can exist. The worshipers of Fertility have different approaches. Some feel sodomy and non-fertilizing acts are acceptable, and some others do not.

It is important to note that these beings, being made of blood, their physical bodies dried out in a short amount of time. Their teachings were limited for they were made in desperation by a saddened god. This would be something Od regrets later. Gods of Blood would be a mistake he would correct, but it would take time for him to make their physical bodies.

Anyways, with the little bit of his pool of blood dwindling, Od created his final avatar of blood. The creatures he observed gambled away their fortunes, which led to much rivalry and hatred. The final creature, Fortune, sprang forth. A little rabbit from which he had Just the right amount of blood to create hopped to him. It’s fur made of blood and dripping, it asked Od what he could do. It was given him the task of assuring that gambling only favored the righteous, and that the brash and violent be never gamblers again. Luck does not favor the prepared. Luck favors the righteous.

And those are the 4 gods. In the Land of Od, there is only one God, Od, and his four lesser gods. Od is a weak god. He has only the power to create. He made humans as an experiment. He is a righteous god who loves. He is a flawed god. Evil sees good as weak because of this. They despise the sobbing ways of those who are righteous. They wish to maim them and stomp over them. The righteous wish to correct Od’s mistake of creating dark parts of the world. Caves and Deep Dungeons, The depths of the sea, Marsh lands, Heavy Forests. These are places where dark things lurk. Things which Od cannot see. You have to decide if you’re a worshiper of Od or a non-worshiper.

I have realized that I need to also explain the races.

Humans. No changes really.

Elves are much different. Mostly because of their sub races, though.

High Elves lack any centralized nation. They are wanderers and vagabonds mostly. High Elves are rare, but many will form families in human cities. Humans are glad to have an elf in their city and they will definitely be important people in that city. Most likely, like everyone’s uncle or grandfather. They’re protective of humans at the same time they’re impressed by them. High Elves are not as attuned to magic as other elves, although, many are wizards. If they are, they are not attuned for battle. They much prefer times of peace and merry making. All high elves practice some form of music. When people think “elf” they think high elf. They know the many stories of the towns etc, and their favored class is bard. People who meet High Elves are very glad to. +2 Dex -2 Con as usual.

Wood Elves are not favored by Od. They do not worry either. Elves long life has permitted these being to have history as far back as when Earth began. The Wood Elves live deeply, secretively in the forest. They respect Od for creating them, but they acquire power from Nature. Od does not hate them or wish them destroyed, but some misguided followers of White and Justice very much do. If nothing else, they wish they’d step outof the darkness. Return to light. Od does wish this. Wood Elves are savages and will defend the forest at all costs. These are not righteous ways, heroes. Wood Elves have the book’s stats. I think +2 Str -2 Int. Not 100% though. Favored class Ranger. As usual.

Grey Elves exist but no one can play a grey elf. No one really knows much about them. They’re more ecclesiastical than normal grey elves. That’s all I’ll say. (Except me of course.)

That’s it for elves.

Dwarves are still cave dwellers but with good reason. Dwarves saw the Diamonds in White’s flesh as a sign that they had an important holy task. Dwarves are very serious about digging, and they consider blood red rubies and white diamonds to be the most holy of items on Earth. They feel that it is Ok to dig to find these precious stones. They build large cathedrals on mountain tops in reverence of White and of Od. They are ornamented with Diamonds and shine brightly when channeled with holy magic. Dwarves have the usual stat mods and abilities, and their favored class is cleric.

It’s important to note that Dwarves and Elves are pretty much the same personality wise. Also, the demi-human god’s, like Corellon, still exist. They’re just not worshipped as gods. They existed as regular members of their race, but as heroic, examplary members. So they can still be referenced.

Gnomes are not much different at all. Their home is in the North where the live in Ululu city on the sea. It is a city that is on the boiling hot sea where they create steam powered machines. Their city is steam-powered. (Think Izzet…) For the most part, they keep to themselves. None of you took Gnome, so that works for me easiest. You’ll learn more about them. They’re important to the story at the beginning. Favored class Wizard.

Halflings are no different at all either. They live here and there where no one can bother them. None of you are halflings, and I doubt you’ll encounter them. We’ll see. None of you know much about them. (Unless it’s important to your background, which I don’t think it is.)

I already told about what happened with the Orcs, so you can imagine that Half-orcs are much more common, and they’re not always a product of rape. Some orcs have human wives. The Dwarves and Elves have a hard time accepting Orcs, but they’re getting better. Some humans, too. It’s only in very few south worlds where you have absolutely righteous White followers who accept the orcs as just other creations who have found the light and worship Od. I’m going to keep the -2 Int and -2 Chr and +2 Str. I mean, they’re still not quite up to snuff. They’re more fight oriented. Favored class barbarian may no longer be accurate either. Maybe just Fighter. I guess I’m going to just give a choice on it. If you want FC Barbarian or Fighter, you have to declare it on character creation. It will depend on your background as a Half-orc.

Oh, almost forgot Half-elf. Depends on the race. Half-wood elf is not very likely to happen, so let’s just not go there. Half-high elf is the standard, and they’re usually just seen as other like anyone else. Very very well liked people. They suffer from some of the same half-elf psyche problems though. One parent will die very quickly, for example, and this leads to early sadness in their lives. They will out live all of their human friends. They’ll mature much to fast for their elf friends. This always makes them loners. A half elf with a human mother or an elf mother is different. Lots of stuff to think about for half-elves. There are No half-elf cities. Half-elves for the most part are rare and are usually only found in places where the teachings of Fertility are interpretted differently. She didn’t explicitly say anything about cross-breeding, but who knows? It’s happened. Free will still exists. Same as normal half-elves statistically.

(more later)

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